About Me

I'm a producer, songwriter, and engineer from Chicago, IL. A "village" of educators, artists, and prominent musicians raised me. I have had the opportunities to create music for both signed and unsigned artist around the world, compose custom music for commercials, and to mix many records. I will keep developing my craft so I can positively affect the world through music. Keep up with my latest projects by following my blog: THE LATEST


Music & Vocal Production: All Genres

Artist Development


Song Writing

Studio Equipment Consulting


Capturing the moment, feeling, and vibe with music. Using every element at his disposal to create the perfect music for any project, direction and/or genre. Providing a sound well beyond industry standard. I always try to incorporate live instruments into every project I work on. 


Currently,  a resident of Philadelphia, where I offer a multitude of different recording and mixing services, but I am blessed to be able to work where the money is. 

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