1. Character - Producer Ben Ford

    Date 27 Feb 2018
    Click To Play on Apple Music | Click To Play On Spotify I decided I could sing. I also decided I would make music that helped me stay focused. So using my favorite DAW, Reason 10, with its Radical Piano & Europa I focused on full close chords and a big bass…


    Date 10 Sep 2017
    The Golden was released on the 31st of August (MY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!). This album is meant to showcase the diversity in sound that comes from the mind of Producer Ben Ford. The album was put together after going through thousands of records. Some records were chosen to represent brands that closely align with Producer Ben Ford and his music. The visual…

  3. Good For The Soul - Jhalil Walters (Prod. By Ben Ford)

    Date 25 Apr 2017
    Good For The Soul - Jhalil Walters (Prod. By Ben Ford) is a record on ‘The Feeling EP’.  Jhalil Walters is a singer from Ottawa, Canada. He has an expertise unlike many of his vocal peers. His use of harmonies and textured layering brings out a different element in any track that he…

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